Founder’s Vision

“To create with your own hands is an unforgettable experience, resulting in a sense of achievement that is also infectious for others. My original intent in founding Bakebe was to create this feeling for more people, and to encourage them to bake the world a better place.”

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Brand’s Story

The modern wonderland of bakery. Bakebe is HK’s first and only co-baking studio that teaches you how to bake with an app, as a way to revolutionize everyone’s baking experience! Currently, there is a Wanchai concept store, with a second location due to open in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Miramar Hotel. Come try our app-enabled DIY experience with friends, the other-half, or with your colleagues, so as to create your very own treats in a never-before baking experience.

What we are looking for?

Seasoned and passionate F&B entrepreneurs to help us bake the world a better place by bringing our Bakebe experience into your city/country as a franchising partner.

1 . Veterans in F&B industry with proven track record team
2 . Real estate access to family-friend locations and hotspots
3 . Consistent passion for the F&B industry
4 . Financial stability for expansions
5 . Shared vision in tech enabling a unique kind of retail experiences for F&B
6 . Familiar with influencers and social media promotional channels
7 . Value employee wellness, training and retention

Why partner with us?

1. Savvy team of marketer for millenials – Superior access to influencers and marketing-driven brand team
2. Proprietory software – APP-enabled DIY baking experience to allow for more turnover by challenging traditional cooking stuido model APP
3. Endorsements – Press- and government-endorsed HK company in awards and features
4. Full HQ traiing and infrastructure – Professional and fast-growing infrastructure to support your regional franchising business

Our Service Commitment

Bakebe prioritizes guests’ experience as foremost importance, where the customer’s needs always comes first. We lead with passion, attention to detail, thoroughness and patience to service every guest, We complete every small task as if it’s it’s our last big achievement.

How to get started?

  1. Contact us at partners@bakebe.com

  2. 2eave your details here, and our BD team will get back to you within 24 hours.

  3. Download our Partnership Guide here