Difficulty: 3

Coconut and Mango profiterole

Price: 460   Size: 6pcs

Unicorn Blossom

Price: 520   Size: 6pcs

Lucky Fortune Cake

Price: 560   Size: 1.5lbs

Love Bug macaroon

Price: 450   Size: 12-15pcs

Dragon babies

Price: 430   Size: 12-15pcs

Panda Macaroon

Price: 380   Size: 12-15 pcs

Honey Bee Bee

Price: 390   Size: 6pcs

Rich Fortune Cake

Price: 560   Size: 1.5 lbs

Salty Charcoal Oreo Cake Roll

Price: 490   Size: 1.5 lbs

The Ring

Price: 600   Size: 1.5lbs