Please note…

Booking availability is affected by the durations of the class

  1. Please change each appointment if you need to reschedule multiple appointments
  2. 2 people in maximum can share one baking project with 30% peer charge per project
  3. A peer charge of 40% for 3 people will be included when baking one product of the specified style (only applicable for 2 adults together with 1 children thats under 12 year old)
  4. Peer charge are calculated based on the original price.
  5. Children under 12 years old must have 1 on 1 parental supervision at all times to attend Bakebe’s class. Guardian form must be signed before starting our baking project.
  6. Each project Price is included: Recipes pre-set ingredients and decorations for 1 person. Dirty dishes cleaning service, cake experts assistance, and a cake box with an elegant ribbon for you to bring it away as a gift.
  7. Booking confirmation will be sent via email. (changes on booking time slot can be change thru booking confirmation email)
  8. Seats are reserved for 15 minutes. If you exceed the time, you will be counted as absent and your reservation will be canceled without further notice.
  9. Entry on 8pm can only choose to bake products with baking time of 2 hours .  (Store closing time is 10pm)